Thursday, 1 June 2017

Mint Rice recipe (mild and spicy treat)

Mint rice or pudina pulao was never my favorite in college days.I was only aware of vegetarian biryani and fried rice back then.It is after marriage that I started experimenting variety of vegetarian recipes and I am loving all my cooking recipes (I believe they are coming out good as my husband who is the test object is fit and active after eating my food: D).I have always prepared this Pudina rice with two ingredients which is mild and I love mild food.It feels healthy to eat.But my family likes food be bit spicy to taste and look too.And I thought I will prepare Mint Pulao to satisfy their taste buds so tried this spicy yet mild flavored recipe.

Mint Rice,Pudina Pulao
Mint Rice,Pudina Pulao


Bunch of Fresh Mint or Pudina leaves
Fresh coriander leaves
Tomato - 4
Onion - 2 medium sized
Cashew nuts
Bay leaf
Cinnomon stick
Green chilli

This is similar to pudina vegetarian biryani I do with little variation.

Method :

1. Soak rice for 30 - 60 minutes (I used sonamasuri premium quality white rice).

2. Wash green leaves ,mint and coriander ,ginger,garlic pods, half medium sized onion ,coconut pieces,green chillis and keep them aside.Grind these in a jar at once.Pour a cup of water to make paste.

To Grind
To Grind

3. Take a 3 litre pressure cooker (or depending on quantity) ,pour some butter or ghee ,add cumin seeds,bay leaf,cinnamon stick,cloves ,fry for 3 seconds on medium heat and add onion,then tomato.


4. When the tomato raw smell Is gone,add salt,vegetables  (potato and carrot  ,can also add cauliflower,bell pepper).Add the grinded paste in this.Add little chilli powder for color and flavour.

5. Now time to add the soaked rice in cooker,mix well,adjust salt.No need to our extra water as the leaves paste already has required water for vegetables to cook.Take care just to add required water for rice as the grains should be separate.Add 1 tablespoon ghee.

6. Close the cooker lid and wait for 3 whistles.Ince the flame is turned off,let the steam go for 20 mins atleast.

7. Open the kid and serve hot with papam,onion raitha.

I didn't want the grains to be separate so added some extra water and the texture-coconut combo came out really well.

For anyone who wants vegetarian biryani variation or normal mint Pulao variation,give your taste buds this Mint Rice or Pudina Pulao.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Snack with Flattened Rice

1) Milk,jaggery with Flattened Rice

Mom's are intelligent and know how to keep their kids fit :) .When I was a kid,my mom used to make yummy and attractive dishes for me (all mom's do that ofcourse).

One among my favorite dishes that I have been eating since childhood is with flattened rice.All the next generations in my family too love this.

We would need Jaggery,milk and flattened rice or Poha or Atukulu .

We just have to mix Flattened rice and jaggery hot milk.It is healthy for kids.If they don't consume milk directly, try this out,they would love to have.

(Kids,here is a tip for you:
Mom gives you milk and you don't like it ?:( .Go to the the kitchen, take this poha and jaggery from your mom's steel box and mix it in this milk.:))

2)  Poha mixture/Poha chudwa

This is everyone's favorite at one or the other stage.And for kids, this is a mouth-watering snack.

All you need is :

  1. Poha/Flattened rice/atukulu
  2. Coriander
  3. Salt
  4. Red chilli powder(optional)
Method :

In a pan, add 1 spoon oil,add flattened rice and fry till light brown, add salt and chilli powder and have it :)

If possible, do add peanuts,curry leaves before adding flattened rice.And at the end garnish with coriander.


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